ACLU of Alaska

The ACLU of Alaska and the ACLU of Alaska Foundation are non-partisan organizations dedicated to advancing the cause of civil liberties in Alaska. The former fulfills its mission through legislative advocacy, coalition building, and grassroots advocacy. The latter pursues the same mission through public education and legal action.

The ACLU of Alaska Foundation is able to provide legal representation in a limited number of civil liberties cases. The ACLU generally files cases that affect the civil liberties of large numbers of people, rather than those involving a dispute between two parties.

If you believe your case may be the kind of case the ACLU accepts, fill-out the online intake form or download the form (PDF) and return it to the ACLU. You can also write to the ACLU directly to request an intake form. Please be sure to include your full name, address, telephone number, and a full description of your complaint.

Prisoners can also obtain a copy of the Alaska Prisoners’ Rights Guide, including the Addendum, Basic Rights at a Glance, and Grievance Process, (collectively, the “Guide”) via the ACLU of Alaska website or by requesting a copy by mail. The purpose of the Guide is to allow for a clear understanding of prisoners’ rights law in Alaska and to provide a comprehensive resource for advocates or prisoners seeking to challenge conditions of confinement or enforce constitutional rights.