AIDS Project Rhode Island

AIDS Project Rhode Island is dedicated to excellence in the provision of confidential, comprehensive, caring, and consumer-driven services that contribute to the well being of people living with HIV and to the eradication of HIV transmission in Rhode Island.

Service area: Rhode Island
Work with: Adults living with and affected by HIV/AIDS
Services for survivors during incarceration include: Information regarding HIV transmission and referrals to Project Bridge, a program of Miriam Hospital Community Access that provides discharge planning for people living with HIV incarcerated at ACI in Rhode Island.
Services for survivors after release include: Referrals for HIV testing and counseling and a range of services for people living with HIV/AIDS, including case management; outpatient mental health services; emergency financial assistance; dental referral program; nutritional supplement provision; support groups; and the Afia Center, a drop-in community center that offers hot meals, a food pantry, and nutritional counseling.
Services for loved ones include: Information, support, and referrals for HIV testing and counseling and other needed services.
Fees: Free for low-income clients who meet eligibility guidelines. For outpatient mental health services, co-pays may be required if a client has Medicare or private health insurance. If not, mental health services are free. Please contact AIDS Project Rhode Island for additional information and to see if you quality for free or reduced-fee services.
Additional information: Services are available in Spanish, Portuguese, and French.