Delaware State Bar Lawyer Referral Service

The Lawyer Referral Service (LRS) is a statewide public service of the Delaware State Bar Association. The services of the LRS of the Delaware State Bar Association, which are not available through the mail, are made available to the community through a telephone interview with the LRS and a payment of a $35.00 consultation fee. The LRS will select an attorney with whom you can meet to discuss your particular problem. The selected attorney will consult with you for 30 minutes for a fee of $35.00. The fee must be paid at the time of the consultation or no service shall be given. Often this initial visit may answer your questions or enable you to solve the problem on your own.

In cases of incarcerated or hospitalized individuals, a relative or friend should call the service. The LRS provides referrals to private attorneys – it does not answer legal questions, provide lists or legal representation. If a referral results in a private attorney accepting representation of a client, the attorney and the client make arrangements between themselves regarding payment of attorney’s fees.