Life Foundation

Life Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to stopping the spread of HIV and to assisting people who are living with HIV and AIDS. Since opening its doors as Hawaii’s first AIDS organization in 1983, Life Foundation has been implementing innovative programs such as AIDS case management, school based AIDS education, a sterile needle exchange, peer support for positives, treatment education, and peer-to-peer HIV prevention outreach.

Service area: Oahu
Work with: People living with and affected by HIV/AIDS, their loved ones, and those in need of testing
Services for survivors during incarceration include: Advocacy and discharge-planning for prisoners living with HIV/AIDS to address their medical, housing, and other needs after release and general information on HIV/AIDS by phone, email, and mail. In-person counseling may also be available, by arrangement.
Services for survivors after release include: Rapid, anonymous HIV testing and counseling; general information on HIV/AIDS by phone, email, and mail; and a range of services for people living with HIV/AIDS, including case management; advocacy; individual counseling; support groups and a peer support program; educational seminars; meal program; assistance obtaining medical care and medication; mentors to assist clients with medication adherence; assistance in applying for financial benefits, such as Food stamps, SSI, and SSDI; the Kukula Ola Program, which assists people living with both HIV and mental illness through mental health case management, psychiatric care, psychotherapy, and emotional support from a certified peer specialist; and a Native Hawaiian Program that addresses the needs of HIV-positive native Hawaiians and provides culturally sensitive services to individuals and families affected by HIV/AIDS. In addition to standard case management services, the native Hawaiian case managers provide clients with access to traditional native Hawaiian healing practices, including lomilomi and ho’oponopono.
Services for loved ones include: Rapid, anonymous HIV testing and counseling and general information on HIV/AIDS by phone, email, and mail.
Fees: Free