Positive Directions, Inc.

Positive Directions, Inc. (PDI) is an AIDS service organization that provides community, resources, education, and support to those living with and affected by HIV/AIDS.

Service area: Sedgwick County and surrounding counties. The prison program operates out of State prisons in El Dorado, Ellsworth, Hutchinson, Larned, Norton, Wichita, and Winfield.
Work with: All people infected with and affected by HIV/AIDS
Services for survivors during incarceration include: Information on HIV/AIDS and referrals to appropriate services via the hotline or by mail. PDI also works in conjunction with the Kansas Department of Corrections to facilitate educational programs for inmates just prior to release. These classes deal with risky sexual behaviors, triggers, and behavior modification. Presentations are currently held at the Hutchinson, Winfield, Larned, Norton, El Dorado, Ellsworth, and Wichita Work Release facilities. To enroll in this program, contact the appropriate prison staff person or write to PDI for more information. PDI also assists HIV+ detainees to arrange for services after their release and can coordinate with the prison to obtain medical eligibility for Ryan White (HIV/AIDS) services. Finally, PDI offers a five night behavioral modification class for men arrested in public parks and adult bookstores. Two night classes are also held for women arrested in conjunction with prostitution charges and men arrested for purposes of solicitation. This class educates on the risk of HIV and other STDs, as well as how to make safer choices.
Services for survivors after release include: Confidential HIV testing and counseling; case management; nutrition program and grocery delivery; housing assistance; a monthly support group for HIV+ African American women and a quarterly support group for clients who have been diagnosed with HIV for 15 or more years; information; and referrals for other needed services, such as counseling.
Services for loved ones include: HIV testing; information; and referrals.
Fees: Free