Spokane AIDS Network (HIV/AIDS)

Spokane AIDS Network (SAN) is a community-based organization whose mission is to minimize the impact of, and maximize awareness about, AIDS and other consequences of HIV infection in the Inland Northwest. SAN works with all people infected with and affected by HIV/AIDS and those most at risk for contracting HIV in Spokane County and surrounding vicinities, including all 11 counties on the eastern side of Washington State. Case management services are available for clients when they are incarcerated. SAN can also provide general information and referrals by phone and by mail to survivors who are currently incarcerated. Services for survivors after release include HIV testing and counseling, case management, support groups, and food services for those who are eligible. Clients can also receive referrals to medical providers and case management support to access insurance. Support groups, information, referrals, and case management are offered to loved ones who reside in the same household as a SAN client who is HIV+. Translation services are available upon request. All services are free.