Survivor Stories




When I was first incarcerated, back in 2004, I was sexually assaulted by an inmate in a Florida prison. I’m very feminine and I live as a woman — this was his reason for the attack. He knocked me down from behind and forced me to give him oral sex. Then, after two of his accomplices pulled off my blue, state-issued pants, he raped me. During the assault he hit me in my face and head, telling me that he would kill me if I told anyone. His accomplices watched at the front door so nobody would enter the cell. It went on for about thirty minutes. After it was over, I was seen at the medical clinic. But no rape kit was done, just an HIV test. It came back non-reactive.

After this cruel incident, I was transferred to another institution, but not my attacker. I feel in my heart that he got away with rape. One of the problems I’m experiencing in custody is that I snap at the corrections officers and inmates all the time. I stay in solitary confinement. I’m here now as we speak. And I don’t trust nobody in this wicked environment. I can’t sleep at night sometimes. I take two different medications for depression: Zoloft and Lithium. I feel this rapist should have had outside charges brought against him. Now I’m living with pain and frustration — physically and mentally — each day from the sexual abuse.

– Derrick, Florida