Survivor Stories




My name is Rebecca and I was assaulted by a correctional officer at a federal prison camp on a weekly basis for eight months. The abuse started out verbal, but then it got to where [the corrections officer] was grabbing my body parts through my clothes. Then he got to where he would make me get off the forklift, push me against the wall or whatever was closest, and pull my shirt up and bite my breast or make me take my pants down and have oral sex on me.

I didn’t know to file a report. I thought by telling two different officers that was [considered] a report. They didn’t tell me to file anything more! Six months after reporting the abuse, an investigator questioned me and an investigation was ongoing…I assumed they would take care of it, and when they didn’t, I put in to have a personal transfer. Every threat that the officer made to me has come true. Now I am 10 hours away from my husband and children – alone, scared, confused, hurt, and mad.

I don’t feel as if anyone understands how big of a problem this is. I have been to three different women’s prisons and this is what I have been through…The second prison is where I was assaulted. I wasn’t the only one…The third prison is the one I am at now and guess what? Of the five other women that I have shared some of my story with, four of them have been assaulted also and there are investigations going on right now. Women talk all the time and say it is a common ordeal!

The reason most women don’t say anything is because: one, we feel as if who will believe us over an officer! Two, we are threatened! Three, when we do say something then we feel raped over and over again. Four, we get moved and most of the time it’s far away from our only earthly support while the one who has hurt us still gets to go on with his daily life.

Here is what I will do when I get released from prison. I will reach out, do what I can, and fight for every other woman in prison or jail.

-Rebecca, Kentucky>