• Amalia Robinson Andrade Communications Officer

    Amalia Robinson Andrade is a Communications Officer at JDI. She provides assistance with JDI’s print and online publications and with database management. Her background is in graphic design and website development, and she is a trained art and film historian. Prior to joining JDI, she worked on the editorial team at the Olympic Channel Services in Madrid and as a communications and sales assistant at a design studio in Belgium. Amalia is bilingual in Spanish and English.

  • Christian Vien Program Associate

    Christian Vien is a Program Associate at JDI. He provides research and administrative assistance to JDI’s training and technical assistance programs for corrections agencies nationwide. With a background in visual art, Christian also helps develop materials for JDI’s domestic work. Prior to joining JDI, he worked as a case manager and as a freelance artist working to fundraise for civil rights organizations and youth sports programs in the Bay Area. Christian is bilingual in Vietnamese and English.

  • C.J. Baca Program Officer

    C.J. Baca is a Program Officer at JDI. As a member of JDI’s domestic programs teams, C.J. helps provide direct services to survivors inside California prisons. C.J., who is currently working toward a Master’s degree in Social Work, also provides support to JDI’s survivor outreach team, which responds to thousands of incarcerated survivors each year. Before she joined JDI, C.J. worked at the Riverside Area Rape Crisis Center, in Southern California. An experienced advocate, she has provided crisis hotline services, hospital advocacy, and advocate training to incarcerated survivors, and has facilitated survivor support groups.

  • Cynthia Totten Deputy Executive Director

    Cynthia Totten, Esq, is one of JDI’s Deputy Executive Directors, based in its Washington, D.C., office. Cynthia leads JDI’s national training and technical assistance  program, supporting the work  of state and tribal sexual assault coalitions, victim advocates, corrections officials, and funding administrators to ensure that incarcerated survivors have access to crisis services. Additionally, she works with corrections agencies on adopting policies that keep prisoners safe from sexual abuse. A lawyer with nearly two decades of experience in human and civil rights work, Cynthia also advocates to bring basic international human rights standards into U.S. prisons and jails, and has contributed to JDI’s federal policy and international programs.

  • Doreen Gaura Program Officer

    Doreen Gaura is a Program Officer at JDI-South Africa. She trains corrections officers and other stakeholders; assists in the coordination of a civil society network to uphold detainee rights; conducts research and advocacy; coordinates JDI-SA’s communications work; and supports survivors of sexual violence in detention. Prior to joining JDI-SA, Doreen was involved in advocacy promoting the rights of children, women, and LGBTI people with various NGOs in South Africa and Zimbabwe. She is a widely published writer and blogger who has written extensively on human rights issues, especially related to race, gender, sexuality, culture, and identity.

  • Gwyn Smith-Downes Senior Program Director

    Gwyn Smith-Downes is a Senior Program Director with JDI. Gwyn has decades of experience working to make detention facilities safe. A member of JDI’s domestic programs team, she helps corrections agencies prevent and respond to sexual abuse in detention, and works to ensure that incarcerated survivors receive crisis counseling from local service providers. Gwyn has held many leadership positions in corrections, including Legislative Liaison and Adult Projects Director at the American Correctional Association; Executive Director of the American Jail Association; and Executive Director of the National Correctional Industries Association.

  • Hillary Goyal Development Officer

    Hillary Goyal is Development Officer at JDI. She plays an integral role in developing JDI’s printed materials, communicating with donors, and supporting the Board of Directors. Hillary has spent the bulk of her career in banking and finance in both the private sector and the federal government. She serves on the Executive Board of a Los Angeles-based social service organization. As a founding parent, Hillary has also helped build and sustain a middle school which emphasizes civic and personal responsibility.

  • Jesse Lerner-Kinglake Communications Director

    Jesse Lerner-Kinglake, MA, is JDI’s Communications Director. Jesse coordinates JDI’s print and online publications and serves as its primary media contact. He has extensive experience managing communications projects for non-governmental organizations in the U.S and the U.K. Prior to joining JDI, he served as Communications Manager for the International Rescue Committee UK. Jesse is a trained rape crisis counselor.

  • Jessica Serrano Seipel Program Director

    Jessica Serrano Seipel, MPH, is a Program Director at JDI. As part of the domestic programs team, Jessica supports community rape crisis centers and corrections agencies in developing partnerships to ensure incarcerated survivors get the help they need. Jessica also supports survivors at a California women’s prison by facilitating trauma-informed art workshops.  Previously, she worked at rape crisis centers, domestic violence programs and sexual health agencies across California as an advocate and educator. She is a trained rape crisis counselor.

  • Julie Abbate National Advocacy Director

    Julie Abbate is JDI’s National Advocacy Director, based in its Washington, D.C. office. She leads JDI’s federal and state policy work, advocating for government action to address sexual abuse behind bars. Julie has spent most of her 25-year legal career fighting for prisoners’ rights. She comes to JDI after 15 years at the Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Justice, where she focused on combating sexual abuse in women’s prisons. Julie was also a member of the Attorney General’s PREA Working Group, which drafted the national Prison Rape Elimination Act standards. She is a certified PREA auditor.

  • Kris Mady Program Officer

    Kris Mady is a Program Officer at JDI’s LA office. As part of the domestic programs team, Kris helps bring together corrections agencies and community rape crisis centers, ensuring that incarcerated survivors can get vital services to help them heal. Kris also supports JDI’s groundbreaking wellness programs inside prisons and jails, and responds to letters and crisis calls from incarcerated survivors. Previously, Kris worked at a rape crisis center providing services to survivors via hotline, hospital and legal accompaniment, and support groups.

  • Kristin Hall Deputy Executive Director

    Kristin Hall is one of JDI’s Deputy Executive Directors. She oversees JDI’s fundraising and communication efforts, educating supporters about sexual abuse in detention, working with allies to create programs that will make detention safer, and securing support from foundations, government agencies, and individuals. She also oversees JDI’s survivor outreach program. Prior to joining JDI, Kristin spent more than 15 years working as an advocate for survivors of domestic and sexual violence. Working in domestic violence shelters and rape crisis centers, she provided crisis counseling and criminal justice advocacy, supervised volunteer programs, and trained community professionals on gender-based violence and how to respond to survivors. Kristin is a trained domestic violence and rape crisis counselor.

  • Leelyn Aquino-Shinn Operations Director

    Leelyn Aquino-Shinn, MPA, is JDI’s Operations Director. She handles the administrative management of the organization and assists with staff and board development. She also leads JDI’s survivor outreach team, which responds to thousands of incarcerated survivors who contact JDI each year. Leelyn previously worked as a paralegal at an immigration law firm. Leelyn is bilingual in English and Tagalog and is a trained rape crisis counselor.

  • Linda McFarlane Deputy Executive Director

    Linda McFarlane, MSW, LCSW, is one of JDI’s Deputy Executive Directors. A licensed social worker, Linda has more than 20 years of experience working with survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, and child abuse. She leads JDI’s domestic training, technical assistance, and mental health programs. In this role, she trains corrections officials, medical and mental health practitioners, and direct service providers in preventing and responding to sexual violence behind bars. She also works with corrections agencies on implementing programs to make their facilities safer. Before joining JDI in 2005, Linda worked in community rape crisis programs, foster care, and with adults with mental illness. She also worked as a staff member, unit supervisor, and therapist in a detention facility for girls with mental illnesses.

  • Lovisa Stannow Executive Director

    Lovisa Stannow, MA, is the Executive Director and Board Secretary of JDI. Lovisa manages all of JDI’s work, in the U.S. and internationally, and serves as the organization’s primary spokesperson. She has written extensively about prisoner rape, including a series of high-profile articles in The New York Review of Books, and is regularly featured in media outlets across the U.S. Prior to joining JDI in 2002, Lovisa served as the Executive Director of the Pacific Institute for Women’s Health and the West Coast Director and Communications Director of Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières. In the early 1990s, she worked as a Press Officer for Amnesty International, following several years as a journalist in Europe and Latin America. Lovisa is multilingual and has spent significant parts of her career based in war zones and areas of humanitarian disaster in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Lovisa is a trained rape crisis counselor.

  • Lucy Litt Program Associate

    Lucy Litt is a Program Associate at JDI. She provides administrative and research assistance to JDI’s survivor outreach and domestic program teams. Prior to joining JDI, Lucy was a teacher at juvenile detention centers in Brooklyn and the South Bronx, and received a National Excellence in Teaching Award in recognition of her work. Lucy has also held roles in non-profit development, education policy, and corrections oversight research.

  • Matthew Van Winkle Program Officer

    Matthew Van Winkle is a Program Officer at JDI’s LA office.  He provides training and technical assistance to corrections agencies on sexual abuse prevention and response, especially by implementing the Prison Rape Elimination Act standards. He works closely with rape crisis centers, helping them deliver high-quality services to incarcerated survivors. He also acts as a liaison between JDI’s Board of Directors and Executive Director Lovisa Stannow.

  • Nicole de la Torre Senior Program Officer

    Nicole de la Torre is a Senior Program Officer at JDI’s Washington, D.C. office. As a member of the domestic programs team, Nicole assists with providing training and technical assistance to corrections agencies, supporting their implementation of the Prison Rape Elimination Act standards. Before joining JDI, she worked as an interpreter for Villanova University’s School of Law Clinical Programs. She also served as an intern in the U.S. House of Representatives for Pedro Pierluisi, Resident Commissioner of Puerto Rico. Nicole is bilingual in English and Spanish and is a trained rape crisis counselor.

  • Prince Nare Senior Program Officer

    Prince Nare is a Senior Program Officer at JDI-South Africa, based in Johannesburg. As a key member of the JDI-South Africa team, he coordinates JDI’s work inside South African prisons and works with other civil society organizations to highlight the needs, human rights, and dignity of inmates. Previously, Prince worked on a project of the University of Pretoria that aims to improve the health care at district hospitals. Additionally, Prince has researched and written extensively about human rights abuses and barriers to health and justice facing sex workers in several African countries.

  • Sasha Gear Program Director

    Sasha Gear is a Program Director who leads the work of JDI-South Africa, based in Johannesburg. Sasha works closely with the South African Department of Correctional Services and civil society groups to address sexual abuse in detention and the associated health risks. Sasha also leads JDI-South Africa’s outreach with prisoner rape survivors. Before joining JDI, Sasha worked at the Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation, where her research on sexual violence in South African prisons has helped bring this abuse out of the shadows. She has published several scholarly articles on issues of gender and sexual abuse in South African prisons.

  • Tara Graham Senior Program Director

    Tara Graham, MPH, is a Senior Program Director in JDI’s Washington, D.C. office. She provides training and technical assistance to corrections agencies on preventing and responding to sexual abuse in detention. She has been working on the development and implementation of the Prison Rape Elimination Act standards for more than 10 years, including at the National PREA Resource Center. Her research experience includes interviewing homeless and runaway youth and incarcerated women about issues including drug use, sexual behaviors, and experience with physical and sexual violence. Previously, Tara served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Tanzania working on HIV/AIDS prevention with an emphasis on women and youth.

  • Unathi Mahlati Program Officer

    Unathi Mahlati is a Program Officer at JDI-South Africa. She provides administrative and program support and helps manage JDI-SA’s social media presence, media relations, and audio-visual production. Before joining JDI-SA, she was an intern at the Wits Justice Project, a program of the University of Witwatersrand’s Journalism Department that investigates miscarriages of justice within South Africa’s criminal justice system.

  • Vanessa Sapien Mental Health Program Director

    Vanessa Sapien, MA, is JDI’s Mental Health Program Director. As a member of JDI’s domestic programs team, she provides training and technical assistance for corrections staff, advocates, and service providers on how to keep prisoners safe from sexual violence. A mental health professional and trained domestic violence and rape crisis counselor, Vanessa has many years of experience helping survivors. She has received numerous awards for her clinical work, including a Presidential Service Award. Vanessa has also been recognized for her work in honoring diversity and social justice in mental health.