Survivor Story: Stephanie

Stephanie Walker was sexually assaulted by an officer in a Georgia prison. Since her release, Stephanie has shared her story with the press and advocates. She is the founder of #Iamnolongersilent, which aims to promote the voices of prisoner rape survivors, and is a member of Just Detention International's Survivor Council. This video was created with support from a grant from the Office for Victims of Crime.

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    Words of Hope

    JDI supporters have sent thousands of holidays greetings to incarcerated survivors of sexual abuse, through the Words of Hope campaign. This video, shot inside a women's prison, captures the reactions of a small group of inmates as they read these messages.

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    Michelle-Lael’s Journey To Healing

    Michelle-Lael Norsworthy is an advocate for transgender rights and member of JDI’s Survivor Council. She spent three decades in men’s prisons in California, before being released in 2015.

    In this video, Michelle-Lael tells her story of survival behind bars — and how JDI made a difference in her life.

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    The Lifer and the Warden

    In this powerful video, a pair of old friends — a former lifer and a prison warden — reunite to make a California women’s prison safer. The video captures JDI’s groundbreaking work inside detention facilities to ensure every prisoners’ right to be free from sexual abuse.

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    My Name Is Joe

    JDI Survivor Council Joe Booth was sexually assaulted repeatedly while serving time in prison. In this video, Joe and Jessica Seipel, the rape crisis advocate who helped him heal after his assaults, talk about the life-saving support that advocates can provide to incarcerated survivors through written correspondence. Today, Joe helps JDI educate advocates and corrections officials nationwide about sexual abuse in detention and how to work with other survivors in need. The video was produced by JDI with support from the Department of Justice’s Office on Violence Against Women.

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    PREA: What You Need to Know

    This 16-minute inmate education video is designed to help adult prisons, jails, and lockups to meet the inmate education requirements of the Department of Justice's National Standards to Prevent, Detect, and Respond to Prison Rape (§§115.33 and 115.132).

    For more information, including a link to download the video and the accompanying facilitator's guide, visit

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    Voices for Justice

    The Department of Justice finally issued its long-delayed national standards aimed at ending the crisis of sexual abuse in U.S. corrections facilities. For years, prisoner rape survivors have been leading the fight to end this abuse. In this short video, members of Just Detention International's Survivor Council celebrate this historic occasion.

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    Leaders from Inside

    At the California Institution for Women, an inmate-led education program has raised awareness about staying safe from sexual abuse. This film shows the women who are behind the dramatic culture shift at the facility.

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    Dee Farmer Deliberately Resisted

    Dee Farmer is a hero in the movement to stop prisoner rape. In 1989, Farmer, a transgender woman, was brutally raped by another inmate while she was serving time in a men’s federal prison. In an amazing display of courage — and long before the Prison Rape Elimination Act — Farmer sued the government for failing to keep her safe. Farmer won her case in the U.S. Supreme Court, and today Farmer v. Brennan stands as a pivotal civil rights victory.

    In this interview, Farmer talks about her life and the landmark case that bears her name.