Just Detention International is a health and human rights organization that seeks to end sexual abuse in all forms of detention.


  • Splinter November 28, 2018

    Send a Holiday Card to a Prisoner Rape Survivor

    Splinter covers JDI's Words of Hope campaign, highlighting how a compassionate holiday message can make a world a difference for a survivor.

  • WitnessLA November 21, 2018

    Fixing the Audits

    An investigative piece in WitnessLA explores the problems with the federal system of prison oversight.

  • JDI Press Release November 2, 2018

    New Law Adds Teeth to Prison Oversight

    JDI applauds a new law that addresses the glaring problems with the Prison Rape Elimination Act audits.

  • JDI E-News October 4, 2018

    JDI Believes Survivors

    People can have credibility even if they once committed a crime. But in our culture, we believe the powerful over powerless — and no one has less power than inmates.

  • JDI Campaigns October 1, 2018

    The Holidays Are Just Around the Corner!

    JDI's Words of Hope campaign officially launches in late November, but you can start writing cards today.