Just Detention International is a health and human rights organization that seeks to end sexual abuse in all forms of detention.


  • JDI Programs December 3, 2020

    Register for Elevate|Uplift's Weekly Community Dialogue

    Join JDI's own Cynthia Totten and Annika Leonard tomorrow for a virtual discussion about how "victim" is defined — about who gets to access services and who is not seen as worthy of them.

  • Just Detention International November 24, 2020

    In Juvenile Justice System, Staff Sexual Abuse Runs Rampant

    Newly released data from the Bureau of Justice Statistics underscored the direct link between sexual abuse in youth detention facilities and inappropriate behavior by staff.

  • Just Detention International November 17, 2020

    Sign up for a new JDI webinar!

    Being locked up can be a traumatizing experience — especially for survivors of sexual abuse. In "Understanding the Trauma of Incarceration," JDI looks at how incarceration itself can trigger extreme distress due to the loss of bodily autonomy and the isolation from loved ones.

  • JDI Programs October 27, 2020

    JDI Office Hours

    At our monthly office hours session, JDI will be fielding questions on providing victim services for prisoners, which has become more challenging during the pandemic.

  • JDI Action Update October 15, 2020

    The New Action Update Is Out!

    In this edition of our newsletter, we welcome our new Executive Director, Linda McFarlane. The newsletter also contains updates on our program work — including a new initiative to lift up strong wardens — and a tribute to our former Chair, David Kaiser.