A Global Crisis

Prisoner rape is a global human rights crisis. It is the absolute responsibility of government to protect the safety of inmates.

Sexual abuse in detention, whether committed by staff or other people in custody, represents a government’s failure to uphold this responsibility. No matter what crime someone may have committed, rape is not part of the penalty.

JDI is the only organization in the world dedicated exclusively to ending this kind of abuse. JDI develops laws and policies, works inside prisons to train staff and educate incarcerated people, and provides support and information to thousands of prisoner rape survivors each year.

To support the efforts of advocates worldwide who are working to end this crisis, JDI has produced a summary of the issue in the following languages:

English: Sexual Abuse in Prison: A Global Human Rights Crisis [PDF]

Español: El Abuso Sexual en Prisión: Una Crisis Global de los Derechos Humanos [PDF]

Portugués: Abuso Sexual na Prisão: Uma Crise Mundial dos Diretos Humanos [PDF]

Bahasa Indonesia: Penganiayaan Seksual di Penjara: Suatu Krisis Hak Asasi Manusia Global [PDF]

الإعتداء الجنسي في السجون :اللغة العربية

Pусский: Сексуальное насилие в тюрьме: Глобальный кризис прав человека [PDF]

हिन्दी भाषा: कारागार में यौ‍न उत्पीfड़न: एक वैश्विक मानवाधिकार संकट [PDF]

中文: 监狱里的性虐待: 全球人权危机 [PDF]

Français: L’Agression Sexuelle En Prison: Une Crise des Droits de l’Homme à l’Echelle Mondiale [PDF]

Tagalog: Pang-aabusong Sekswal sa Kulungan: Isang Pandaigdigang Krisis sa Karapatang Pantao [PDF]

Türkçe: Cezaevinde Cinsel Istismar: Küresel Bir Insan Haklari Krizi [PDF]

ภาษาไทย: การละเมิดทางเพศในเรือนจำ:

IsiZulu: Ukuhlukunyezwa Ngokocansi Okwenzeka Emajele: Inkinga Yokudicilelwa Phansi Kwamalungelo Abantu Emhlabeni Wonke