Center Crime Victims Treatment Center

Since 1977, The Crime Victims Treatment Center has been helping survivors of interpersonal violence heal.  Our support comes in the forms of crisis intervention, individual and group trauma-focused therapy, legal advocacy, complementary therapy and psychiatric consultation.  We are available from the moments following an assault, all the way through the culmination of a survivor’s healing process.  All of our services are confidential and completely free of charge.

Service area: New York City
Work with: All survivors of violence, crime and interpersonal trauma.
Services for survivors during incarceration include: CVTC operates a hotline for inmates in New York State who have experienced sexual assault or harassment.  The hotline offers crisis counseling, along with longer term counseling, and advocacy on behalf of the inmate with the NYS Department of Corrections.
Services for survivors after release include: All of CVTC’s trauma-focused healing services are available to individuals post-release.
Fees: All of CVTC’s services are provided free of charge.
Additional Information: Services are offered in English, Spanish, Mandarin and Hebrew.  Each client is individually assessed.  If CVTC is unable to provide services for any reason, a referral to the appropriate program is provided.