Sylvia Rivera Law Project

The Sylvia Rivera Law Project (SRLP) provides free legal services to low-income people and people of color who are transgender, intersex, or gender nonconforming. SRLP provides advice and referral for a wide variety of legal issues. Sometimes, SRLP can also provide more help, such as advocacy, help with a case you are bringing on your own, or, more rarely, representation in a legal action. SRLP also gives technical assistance and training to other lawyers. If you are working with a lawyer who does not have a lot of experience with trans or intersex issues, feel free to have your attorney contact SRLP. SRLP may be able to help them to help you. SRLP also offers a pen pal project for incarcerated transgender, intersex, and gender non conforming people who are interested in receiving friendship and emotional support from volunteers within the community. Transgender, intersex, or gender non-conforming survivors of sexual abuse behind bars can contact SRLP by writing to the address above or by calling the office during regular business hours.

For survivors who have been released and are in need of legal assistance, please visit the office during intake hours listed above. Intake interviews can be conducted in English, Spanish, or Hindi upon request. Please schedule ahead if you’re in need of an interpreter. Intake for new cases is conducted only during drop in hours. Clients are seen on a first come, first served basis. SRLP often cannot see people who arrive during the last hour of drop-in hours. Bring all papers you have about your case with you. If you have questions or cannot make it to any of these times, call the office and follow the prompts for legal help. SRLP cannot see people without an appointment at any other time. All services are limited to people in New York state.