Send Your Words of Hope to Survivors

Write a Message to an Incarcerated Survivor

  • This holiday season, please join us in reminding prisoner rape survivors that they are not alone or forgotten. We’ll make sure your message reaches a survivor behind bars who can use your kind words.

  • Not sure what to write? Here are some things that can be nice to include in your message:

    - Where in the world are you writing from?
    - Share some of your own holiday traditions.
    - Remind the person you are writing to that they matter and are not alone.
    - Express your wishes for the person for the New Year.
    - Include an empowering quote, poem, or lyric.

    And most importantly, keep in mind that your message is going to one person, and your holiday card may be the only one they receive this year. Think about what you want that person to know and how you want them to feel when they read your message.
  • Words of Hope messages will be sent to incarcerated survivors who have been corresponding with and getting support from JDI. When we receive more messages than we can send just to those who write to us, we share messages with several prisons that have agreed to distribute them to everyone in their custody.

    Your privacy is important to us. JDI will never share, sell, or rent your personal information. We will send your message with ONLY your first name.

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