Survivor Stories

JDI has made only minor edits for spelling and clarity. Please note that some of these stories are graphic and may be difficult to read.

  • Rodney is an openly gay man who was repeatedly sexually assaulted by inmates in two Louisiana jails while serving time for check fraud. He was sold into sexual slavery from one prisoner to another and was forced to abandon his male identity as his only way to survive.

  • James was sexually assaulted many times by his cellmate while corrections officials turned a blind eye. He was only able to escape his abuser by telling staff that he was suicidal.

  • I went out with a friend to the store to pick up diapers for my daughter, and as we were walking back to the shelter where we were staying, we got caught in the midst of a police drug raid. My friend and I were surrounded by a group of police officers who threw us against the wall and immediately began verbally assaulting us. A female officer was called to search us for drugs.

  • Seven inmates gang-raped and tortured Clifford while incarcerated at a private prison in Oklahoma. Clifford reported the abuse and has endured relentless retaliation as a result.

  • A transgender woman serving time in a men’s prison in Oklahoma, Heather* has been regularly subjected to degrading and abusive cross-gender strip searches.